SpuQ Division Tables

How does the SpuQ division table game work?

You can practice dividing at various levels with mascot Spuq. You can practice divisions at two different levels. The first level and easy difficulty option covers divisions until 100. This level is a mix of division tables 1 to 12 and other sums up to 100. Examples of the problems are shown in the selection menu. After you've finished the question, Spuq will show you whether you got the answer right or wrong. If you got it wrong, you’d get another chance. The questions have no time limit, take your time and think carefully.

Division Facts Tables are just as important to general numeracy as times tables during primary school and afterward. You can practice the problems in class but also at home. For optimal results, try the regular practice, for example, for 15 minutes at a time. You'll improve and build confidence through repetition.

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