Blocky Multiplication

How to play the Blocky Multiplication game

Go on a new adventure with Blocky the parrot in this fun multiplication game. Blocky is a special parrot that can grow by building blocks. Blocky can also shrink by hitting other blocks. Avoid all obstacles with Blocky by growing or waiting for the right moment. This educational game aims to help your parrot to pass all levels.

Before you can really start with the level, a multiplication question must be solved. In the top right corner is a multiplication question, and you will be presented with two answers at the beginning of the level. If you choose the correct answer, the level will start for real, and Blocky will accelerate. The further you get into the game, the more complex the math multiplication questions become.

You can encounter various obstacles in the levels, such as hills, deep holes, and narrow tunnels. Avoid the challenges and be patient because you are out if you hit another block with your parrot. Later in the adventure, you can encounter other dangers, such as spikes, green monsters, and endless pits. There's even a green monster that can fly too. So watch out!

You can also collect coins while playing. Use these coins to buy new friends from Blocky, such as the giraffe, the crocodile, or the panda bear. Try to collect many coins to unlock all of Blocky's friends.

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