Spuq Balloons

How does the SpuQ balloons game work?

Play and learn with the educational SpuQ balloons game. Meet SpuQ the giraffe, go on a balloon adventure, and learn multiplication tables. SpuQ, you may also know yourself from our times tables app.

In the Spuq balloon game, the goal is to pop the balloon with the correct answer. You choose one or more tables you want to learn about in the menu. When you start the game, you can see the balloons with answers fly through the air, and at the bottom you can see the multiplication question that needs to be answered.

You can choose two levels—the easy and difficult level. At the easy level, you get the questions in a row; at the difficult level, the questions are mixed. The easy level is ideal for learning the times tables well if you do not know them yet. The difficult level is suitable for repeating the tables and preparing for the table diploma or speed test if you already know the tables. This multiplication game is perfectly suited to play and learn in primary school 3rd grade.

If you answered all the questions correctly, you will receive applause!

Controls are by touching the screen or with the mouse.

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