Rally V10 multiplication game description

Get in your new car and prove you're the fastest! At the start of the game, you'll first have to make an important decision. Will you play multiplication (practicing the tables) and partial sums, or will you choose addition and subtraction sums? After you've decided, you can choose from five different drivers and four different cars (each car has its own unique characteristics). For example, one car may be sturdy but slower, whereas another may be less sturdy but faster. Select your preferred driver and car to start the game. Oh and last but not least, you can also give your driver a name!

Once you start the game, you'll first enter the garage. The garage serves as your base, offering plenty of activities. For example, here you can start a race, visit the petrol station, organize a tournament, purchase components and tune your vehicle, or acquire decals.

The most important goal in this game is to win both individual races and tournaments. Naturally, to win a race, you must finish in first place, so you should always remember to make sure your car is ready to go. Your car's petrol tank should be full and you'll need to do some work on it as well. For example, the engine must be properly tuned and there should be enough air in the tires. You can tune the engine yourself by properly tightening the screws and rotating the gearwheel at the right time. Also make sure the tire pressure is set for optimum speed. When the gas tank is full, the engine is adjusted, and the tires are sufficiently pumped up, you can start the race! Now that you've finished preparing your vehicle, you can start a race. First, however, you have to choose what type of sums you wish to do. Once decided, the real fun can begin. During the race, you must answer the sums as quickly as possible. If you choose the right answer, the car will shift gears and increase speed. Always make sure you're fast enough. And remember: if you choose the wrong answer, your car will slow down. Always try to maintain maximum speed to finish first.

If you successfully complete the race, you'll be awarded with coins during the prize ceremony. Coins can be used for many different purposes. You may buy petrol or repair your vehicle, for example. Alternatively, you can also use coins to acquire new components, buy decals, or give your vehicle a different color. Coins can also be earned by unlocking achievements. Achievements are unlocked by completing assignments, for example by collecting ten coins, winning five races, or answering many questions correctly. Enjoy this free multiplication game for kids grade 3, 4, and 5.

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