Figo and Friends

Figo and Friends multiplication game

Figo has lost all his friends while playing hide and seek. You must help Figo find all his friends back!

Answer all questions in this fun multiplication math game to advance to the next level. When looking for the answer, avoid all dangers and enemies. You can take out enemies by jumping on them. In the last level, you can save your friend, but first, you must defeat a big monster.
The controls work with the arrows; you can jump with CRTL and answer with the space.

The aim of this free multiplication game is to find and answer all multiplication table questions. When all times tables sums are answered, you can move on to the next level. During this multiplication game for 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade kids, you can collect coins and stars to get a higher score. If it gets too difficult or you have too little time, you can find hearts and clocks to get more lives or extra time. This will also boost your experience level.

The opponents have hidden Figo's friends well in different worlds, such as the castle, the jungle, the pyramids in Egypt, and even outer space. There they are secured with obstacles such as spines and doors for which you must find a key. And different kinds of monsters fly around, like bats, ghosts, and spaceships. There are also monsters walking around, such as mummies, mushrooms, and wizards. At the last level of the world, there is a mega monster you have to defeat to eventually free one of your friends. After you free a friend, he becomes available on the friend’s page. Here you can choose whom to play with. Have fun playing and learning!

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