Animal Rescue

Save the Animals multiplication game instructions

Put on your hiking boots and safari jacket; you and the safari team will save animals in the big jungle. You can cross the jungle by solving all the multiplication table sums with the safari team. The safari team has also provided you with a map including all animals you have to find in the jungle.

Before looking for the animals, you have to select which math multiplication facts you want to practice. You can choose from 1-12 and also practice multiple multiplication tables at once. Once you've chosen the multiplication tables, you can set the difficulty for your journey. The difficulty level determines how many sums you need to solve to complete your level and the speed at which the water will rise.

If you want to complete a level, you must correctly solve 15 or 25 sums and still have a life left. You lose a life by answering incorrectly or when you're not fast enough, and the water reaches you. You can save an animal and take a picture when you complete the level.

You can complete this free multiplication game by practicing multiple multiplication table sums and saving all animals with the safari team. Once you've saved all the animals, you can complete the entire map with animal pictures. Good luck with this free educational animal game for learning elementary school arithmetic!

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